We are frequently asked questions about our wood, so here is some information that may be of use to you…

Q: How big is a “bag” of logs?
A: A bag of logs is a full bulk builder’s bag which is approximately one metre cubed in dimension. This weighs 200-250kg dependant on the moisture content (generally less than 20%).

Q: What size are your firewood logs?
A: We have three sizes: SMALL logs 20cm (8”) STANDARD logs 25cm (10”) LARGE logs 50 cm (20”)

Q: What type of wood is included in the firewood?
A: All our firewood is hardwood, and is predominantly ash, with some oak and beech.

Q: How is the wood kiln dried and stored? Is it kiln dried?
A: Our firewood is kiln dried and then barn stored. This guarantees our customers wood with a low moisture content and availability all year round.

Q: I have a woodburning stove – will the logs be small enough to fit?
A: Our standard logs are approximately 25cm in length, but we can supply smaller logs to fit woodburners or larger logs for open fires if you would prefer.

Q: Do you supply all year round or is it just for winter?
A: We have logs to supply all year round – we often supply logs suitable for chimineas in summer.

Q: What is the moisture content of your firewood..?
A: All our logs are dried to less than 20% moisture.

Q: How soon do you deliver..?
A: We aim to deliver all orders over the weekend following the day of order.

Q: On what days do you deliver..?
A: Unless exceptional circumstances force otherwise, we only deliver on Saturdays and Sundays.

Q: Limited Access Issues..?
A: Bulk bags are heavy – if you think you may have access issues, please call us on 01531 641999 before ordering.

Q: Can I collect from you..?
A: Yes of course – but please call us first to arrange for someone to be available to assist with loading.

Q: Is your wood sustainable..?
A: All our stock is sourced responsibly from sustainable, managed woodlands. We are BSL Authorised (BSL 0092712-0003), meaning we are we are recognised on the RHI approved list of Biomass suppliers.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us…